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19 cent apple pie -
Carhops at Jim's # 3 Frontier Drive-In on the Austin Highway. Opened in 1958--was formerly a restaurant named Duncan Fords and later the Frontier Meat processing plant and distribution center--for a long time the largest USDA federally-inspected meat plant in San Antonio.


Car hop single girl -
Carhop--later referred to as "curbette" at the Frontier Drive-In in the late '50's or early '60's. I am not certain, but believe this is the Broadway location just south of Playland Park. Visible on the store window is a large Texas Restaurant Association decal. Hasslocher credits his early association and membership in the Texas Restaurant Association with much of his success as a restaurateur.


Curb Service Night Lights -
Long-time neon sign at the original location--known as # 1.


mom with bicycles -
Mr. Jim's Mother, Margaret Hasslocher, at the original property, 3715 Broadway at the entrance to Brackenridge Park across from the original Witte Museum. "Army Surplus" bicycles were rented to many GI's on weekends.
(50 cents an hour; 75 cents for an hour and one-half; and two and one-half hours for a dollar are the early rental prices.)


Jims 38 night shot -
Jim's # 38 at Nacogdoches Road and Loop 1604--the first of the current generation Jim's restaurants--opened January 1997.


San Antonio Magic Time Machine


Jims Logo -


Jims Logo 2 -


Jims Logo 3 -


NRA May 1989 Chicago -
Gathering of past Presidents or Chairmen of the National Restaurant Association at the 1989 annual convention


Bicycle Shop  -
Where Margaret Hasslocher started a bicycle rental business.


Car Hops -
Mr. Jim and Dwight Neely with the outside wait staff of "carhops" at Frontier Drive-In # 1, 3715 Broadway.


Walk-up 23 cent hamburgers -
Jim's Hamburgers--at the intersection of Culebra and Bandera Roads--opened early 1950's--patterned after the original McDonald' brothers' walk-up/self-service hamburger stand in San Bernardino, California. This location housed the original "commissary"--grinding beef patties, cutting french fries, and making the delicious apple and cherry fried pies that Frontier Drive-Ins were famous for.


Jim at BBQ Pit -
Frontier Drive-Ins catered barbecue dinners in the 1950's.  These chickens were delicious!


June 1987 -
Mr. Jim was honored by the Texas Restaurant Association for his service as immediate past Chairman of the National Restaurant Association. Presenting the "Texas Star" as a gift to Hasslocher is his eldest daughter Susan, President of the Texas Restaurant Association.


MTMSA 1974 -
This issue was published following the huge success of the original Magic Time Machine which opened in San Antonio in August 1973.


Outstanding Restaurateur -
Mr. Jim was President of the Texas Restaurant Association in 1960-61. Two awards are mentioned in this photo with his wife Veva: Texas Outstanding Restaurateur of the Year and induction into the Restaurant and Hotel Management Society at Florida State University Restaurant and Hotel Management School. At Florida State University, Hasslocher was honored as a member of the "Salut au" Restaurateur program and inducted into the "Scullions" society.
Salut au" Restaurateur Program. Also in 1952, the "Salut au" Restaurateur Program was begun by the RHM Department. Its purpose was to honor outstanding restaurateurs from the Southeast by inviting them to the University to meet and speak to RHM students, participate in educational seminars, and receive recognition for their excellence.
Scullions. In 1951, the Scullions was founded as the Department's professional society of hotel and restaurant students.


bikes 4 rent at park -
Ready to rent bicycles. Legend has it that Jim Hasslocher met Veva while riding a bicycle in Brackenridge Park.


Col Sanders -
Colonel Sanders, Jim Collins (the Colonel's largest franchisee) and Jim Hasslocher when the Colonel came to San Antonio to buy the grand prize chicken at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo (late '60's or early 70's). Mr. Jim bid against the Colonel to be sure he paid a healthy price for the "prize" chicken. It's told Jim Collins actually paid for the chicken. This might have been the same year Mr. Jim bought the champion steer, but I would have to research that.


FrontierBurgers -


jim veva awards -


Mr Jim 8520 Crownhill -
Crownhill office building was formerly Handy Andy Grocery Store Headquarters. Restaurant Business was the most respected restaurant industry magazine of the 70's and 80's and still carries that name today. This issue was published as Mr. Jim prepared to become Chairman of the National Restaurant Association (May 1986-May 1987).


no 1 brdway loop 410 1963 -
Jim's #1--first in the Coffee Shop chain--opened in May of 1963 at the corner of Broadway and Loop 410.


tripod sign jims coffee shop -
It's believed the tripod sign is Jims # 3 on Fredricksburg and Hillcrest


25 cent hambrgrs -


99 cent double cheese -


bicycle shop 2


charcoal broiled hambrgrs -
It's believed to be Jim's Frontier Burgers # 9 on Goliad Road.


curb service drivein -


inside store -
Jim's Coffee Shop crew ready to take care of customers. It's speculation that this is either Jim's # 4 or Jim's # 5


jims number -


mr jim and ronald ragan-
National Restaurant Association Chairman Jim Hasslocher welcoming keynote convention speaker, President Ronald Reagan.


store number 1 -
Jim's # 1--first in the Coffee Shop chain--opened in May of 1963 at the corner of Broadway and Loop 410.


mr jim ms veva gold plates -
The International Foodservice Manufacturers Association annually recognizes outstanding individuals in various foodservice fields. These individuals receive the "Silver Plate" Award in their respective field of specialization. The "Gold Plate" Award is selected from the group of "Silver Plate" Award winners. In 1974, G. "Jim" Hasslocher received the "Gold Plate" Award as "Foodservice Operator of the Year", the "Academy Award" orpinnacle achievement for restaurateurs. *


Mr Jim wTOA in Background -